Charity doesn't need more cash - shocker!

The Lancashire Telegraph tells us:

[...] official statistics showing death rates for the misuse of drugs have doubled in Burnley and Hyndburn since 2005. 

But when they asked the local taxpayer funded charity who help drug users if more support is required, they said:


Seriously! That must be the first time I've ever heard a taxpayer funded 'charity' say there is no problem, rather than issue a scary press release and demand more cash.

Asked whether there is a need for more support for drug users, Rachael Taylor, manager of the Inspire project, which provides support services in East Lancashire, said in a statement: “No, Inspire, run by CRI in East Lancashire, is commissioned to provide support to anyone who is affected by drug and alcohol problems in the area.
“We work with a number of other services to provide health, wellbeing, education and family support services to more than 2,000 people at any one time in East Lancashire. There is support available for anyone who needs it.” 

I need to lie down

The car is dead. Long live the car.

There is now a period of mourning at Moose Meadows. The Probe died.


I took it for it's MOT last Friday and it failed on so much stuff I don't know where to begin. Apart from the raft of welding, I could have fixed all the problems, however there was one biggy. It chucks out a blue smokescreen when you start it up.

The smoke does clear once you set off so I didn't think it would be spotted on the test, but when he had it idling on the ramp it started puffing blue for England, in total contravention of the no smoking sign on the wall.

I did consider having a crack at re-grinding the valves and fitting new oil seals, but after weighing it up, I decided it was no longer worth it. The rot is terminal and it would only need more welding at the next test.

So I got back on ebay...

And bought a Volvo. Me in a Volvo? Apparently so.

It's a 2.5l auto estate with 12 months test and I won it for £310. It's in quite good nick to. That will give me some time to save up for something numb that's more me.

But for now, gutted.


I mean WTAF?

A picture of a fat toddler who apparently picks her own footwear and goes food shopping on her own and is upset because of reports (Reports!?) her teddy bears have split up.

What on earth is going on at the Daily Mail? WTF is happening to the world?

(I didn't click the link to the story. Too worried that what I see, may never be unseen).

Vote now!

Once again, the petty, small minded little control freaks are winning:

Why would anyone want to ban ecigs in public unless they believe the 'Public Health' scaremongering? Bloody sheep, the lot of them.

Vote here.

Shakespeare was a peado

It seems everyone who was famous in the past is now a suspect in the great peado witch hunt. Well Shakespeare was definitely famous and I've got it on good authority that he like to roger young girls.

Well the average lifespan was about twelve or something back then, so he must have liked them young.

But that's no excuse to modern puritanism.

If I can make this rumour take flight, maybe Shakespeare will be taken out of the school curriculum and I can spare kids everywhere, the tedium of A Midsummer Nights Dream. That would be a good thing for everyone. Let's face it, the only reason Shakespeare is still discussed and read, is to torture school kids. There's no other excuse for it.

Maybe the police could raid his house along with the BBC, to look for 'evidence'. I believe it's still standing in Stratford, is it?

Or is that some other peado? They were all as bad as each other, you know.