Coming for your homes next

According to all this morning papers, Deborah Arnott is 'delighted'.

Smoking in cars with children will be banned in England, under new laws put forward by the government.
The regulations laid before Parliament propose banning smoking in cars containing under 18s.
MPs will vote on the plans before the election, and if they are passed the change in law will come into force on 1 October 2015.

So smoking will be banned in cars with children present. Millions of non-smokers will not care as they do not smoke. Millions of smokers will not care as they do not smoke in front of children. We'll all just sit back and not care while the government creates another law, creates more criminals and gives the police extra work to do looking after our health.

And as stated in my previous post, there's always another 'logical step' with these people:

Dr Hilary Wareing, director of the Tobacco Control Collaborating Centre, says smoking in cars is almost as harmful for children as smoking indoors.

So if indoor passive smoke is more harmful than passive smoke in cars (more of nothing is still nothing), then the next step is to ban smoking in homes.

And millions of non-smokers will not care as they do not smoke and millions of smokers will not care as they already take seven steps out because they've been made to feel guilty.

What will it take before people say no?

Tobacco Control and Whack a Mole

A little uprising is currently underway in a small Massachusetts Town. You may have heard about it.

The powers that be would like to ban the sale of tobacco in the town and many people are angry. Strangely enough in these risk averse times where everything we do must be child centric, the angry people are not the tobacco controllers and public health activists, crying out for a ban in order to protect the children, the angry folk are normal American people, smokers and non-smokers alike, who are protesting against the very idea of the ban in order to protect American values of civil liberty and freedom of choice.

It seems Tobacco Control have gone one ban to far, at least for now. There's always another ban or restriction on the horizon with Public Health. They will never be satisfied, they will never consider their work to be done. Whatever they achieve, there is always something more just around the corner.

This is why the following quote from the linked article peaked my curiosity:

But Westminster would be the first in the state and nation with a full-blown ban on selling all tobacco and nicotine products. The idea originated with the Board of Health, which says it has a moral obligation to try to stop young people from smoking. The board found it hard to keep up with all the new products, like bubblegum-flavored cigars and strawberry-margarita-flavored tobacco, many of them aimed at hooking young people.

“We have a whack-a-mole-effect,” Joan Hamlett, the town’s tobacco control agent, said at the hearing Wednesday night before it was cut short. “Every 18 months since 1994, this Westminster Board of Health has been looking at different regulations because every time we work together to find a way to reduce youth access to tobacco, the tobacco industry comes out with a new product that we have to look at and address and figure out how to regulate.”

Tobacco is already the most heavily regulated consumer product in human history, yet these people look at every new emerging variant and assume even further regulation is required. They talk about emerging tobacco products as though their only purpose is to target young and vulnerable children and get them addicted to nicotine.

The truth is, bubblegum flavoured cigars, strawberry flavoured tobacco and such, are simply the result of an industry varying it's product base to account for changing tastes and emerging technologies. Tobacco Control would have us believe that adults do not enjoy bubblegum or strawberries?

Tobacco Control are totally hooked on ever more imaginative restrictions and bans lobbied for almost constantly, yet they look to the Tobacco Companies and use the term. "Whack a Mole".

There was a public meeting in this small USA town to discuss the proposed tobacco sales ban, yet the depth of feeling against the proposal from the towns people, was so strong that the meeting had to cancelled and the proposers escorted out by the police for their own safety.

Any normal person would conclude that this proposal was not wanted by the electorate and should be immediately scrapped. Normal is not a word that can easily be associated with Tobacco Control. Their answer was to take submissions by letter rather than a face to face meeting. You see they want their ban; the public meeting was a washout, but they may still be able to get it if all their friends and Government lobbyists start a letter writing campaign.

The Tobacco Industry is not the the "Whack a Mole", it's the Tobacco Control Moles that keep popping up.

It began with no smoking carriages on trains, slowly morphed into a complete smoking ban in pubs that put many of them out of business and is now a complete ban on sales. Every time a new ban or restriction is touted, freedom loving people who have had enough, have to mobilise to fight it. Every time. Most of the time, the Tobacco Control Moles win. Sometimes we get a reprieve or a result of our own, but it's never permanent. If the Tobacco control Moles don't get what they want, they will fall back, regroup and try again later and they will keep trying until they win.

Among the hundreds of protesters at the hearing, at least two people — doctors — supported the ban. Dr. Corey Saltin and Dr. Payam Aghassi, lung specialists who have a private practice nearby, said that they understood concerns about free choice but that people who are subjected to secondhand smoke have rights, too.

“This ban is going to happen somewhere, sometime,” Dr. Saltin predicted. “But probably not in Westminster.”

You see they won't stop, they can't stop. The good people of Westminster, Massachusetts, may well win this battle, but the issue will not go away. The Tobacco Control Moles will crop up again in another small USA town and propose the same. They will keep doing it until they get a win and from that win, more and more bans will come into place.

Every time the Tobacco Control Moles crop up, people who understand what freedom of choice and freedom to live without state control will be there to try to whack them. The trouble is, there are way too many moles and they keep coming back after every whacking.

Fighting the Tobacco Control Moles is a never ending task. We fight the same fight and the same people over and over again, in many places over all the time. We win once, we still haven't won because we have to do it all again and again.

Them? They only need to win once. Nobody ever goes back to vote on a ban or restriction once it's in place. When it's there, it's never going away.

Who's the mole here?

Keep whacking!

There's nothing they can't... smoking to:

Dear me. That shark is but a distant memory.

This can only end in OUTRAGE!

I really like some folk. Some folk come up with a really good idea to have a bit of fun and raise a bit of cash for charity, but have no idea the nannying puritan shitstorm they are about to unleash.

CHOCOHOLICS from across East Lancashire have been challenged to consume ‘copious amounts’ of their favourite treat for charity. 

Oh dear! People are not only being encouraged to eat unhealthy food, they are being encouraged to eat it irresponsibly.

Maybe it's not so bad. Maybe 'copious' amounts doesn't actually mean what it says?

 Visitors must battle their way through a slice of luxury chocolate fudge cake, a double chocolate brownie, a wedge of red velvet bundt cake, a slice of millionaire’s cheesecake, a Boston crème doughnut, a tub of Ben and Jerry’s chocolate brownie ice-cream and a triple chocolate flowerpot muffin – all washed down with a glass of rich hot chocolate topped with cream. 

Oh dear, oh dear! This has got Daily Mail headliner all over it.

Once the nannying fussbuckets get all OUTRAGED on their arses, I wonder if the organisers will stand their ground or issue a standard grovelling apology?

My money is on apology. Read the comments and you'll see why.

It's a Stoptober miracle!

After 61 years of smoking, a grandmother has finally decided to call it quits.

Ann Russell, 74, from Kingsnorth, has given up the habit for Stoptober- the national campaign running this month to stop people from smoking.

After 61 years of smoking, I'm not sure I'd bother.

She said: “Back in the days when I started smoking, nobody knew of the health risks. It was a cool thing to do. “When I started at 14, I would smoke around 10 cigarettes a day and when I could afford more, I would say I was smoking up to 30 cigarettes a day. I became so addicted.”

Nope. Back in the day, nobody knew the health risks. Nobody knew that if you started smoking, 61 years later you would not be dead.

She does have the COPD though. Maybe that's down to fagging it? Who knows?

After a routine check with her GP, Mrs Russell was referred to Kent Community Health NHS Trust’s Stop Smoking Team, where she has been able to give up her long-term habit using Champix- a tablet that mimics the effects of nicotine in the body.

Now I didn't know Champix mimics nicotine, I thought it suppresses the pleasure centres of the brain. Eventually making you top yourself.

But that's not the miracle.

The grandmother of five, who suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) used to be too out of breath to shop in the Designer Outlet with her grandchildren.

She said: “I was missing out, but now I can wander around the shops with them which is fun; we spend a lot of time giggling, which is lovely. I’m now able to enjoy quality time with them.”

Mrs Russell believes that quitting smoking has given her a better quality of life, as her damaged lungs are starting to repair.

She added: “I can breathe now, that’s the main benefit for me of quitting smoking and I’m using my cigarette money to pay for a gardener too, so I can’t start smoking again – he’d be out of a job.”

Stoptober only ended three days ago, yet lungs damaged by 61 years of smoking have almost healed already.

It's a Stoptober miracle!

The miracle of Champix