I've often talked about why me and Mrs Bucko decided not to have kids and why many other people cannot get their heads round that idea.

Having kids often seems to be something people do rather than think about.

These days it sometimes seems the norm to have kids just as a benefits cash cow, but that's probably just the cynic in me.

Anyhoo, just got back from a family do where my mam showed me a newspaper article snippet she had in her purse. It's not my work, it's something she pinched from a paper and I pinched it from her, but I thought it was worth sharing:

Late News

There was shock and outrage last night at the news that a married couple in their thirties had produced a baby.
As the details of the over-aged pregnancy emerged it became clear that the woman had not had the baby by accident and there were no doubts about the identity of the babys father.
The couple are apparently planning to bring the baby up themselves rather than putting it into care or handing it over to the grandparents. In a statement to the press the mother said, "We will definitely be able to cope. My husband has a job, we own a house and I can look after the baby as I don't have to go to school."
The local health authority said yesterday, "This is obviously an extraordinary event and we will be keeping a close eye on the couple to check on their progress."
"It's unconventional but it may work"

Maybe when we chose not to have kids in our mid twenties, we were already too old anyway.

Fly tipping...

...and useless councils.

Mate mate at work told me a good story today.

Some knocker dumped a load of rubbish bags and some carpet in the alley at the end of his back garden. Last week he wrote to the council and told them about it.

Today he got a letter from Pendle council saying pretty much the following:

We take a lot of care to keep the local area clean and tidy yadda yadda..
You have a lot of rubbish dumped at the bottom of your garden yadda yadda
You have fourteen days to clear it or we will prosecute.

He was telling me the story because he was feeling guilty about the sheer anger of his response. I said he didn't need to bother.

He says he's given them seven days to clear it before he dumps the whole lot on the council office doorstep and bills them for it. Being a happy, go lucky guy, he also said he expects to come home to a bunch of Pendle councillors on his doorstep calling him a cunt. After all, that's what we pay council tax for.

I'm thinking of taking a couple of couches up there. Anyone got some rubbish to shift? There's still room in the van.

Happy New Year!

All the best! Ignore the nannies and have a few scoops this evening.

Merry Christmas

Turkey is gone, beer is flowing. Hope you're all having a good one.

The desired effect

Apparently Plain Packaging is working in Australia.

As Ireland prepares to be the first EU state to introduce plain package tobacco laws, a study in Australia has found that they are having the desired effect there.

A study by the Cancer Institute of New South Wales shows the rules are achieving their objectives.

Eight out of ten smokers say they don’t like the look of their ugly packs of cigarettes.
The number of users worried about their smoking has also doubled since plain packs were introduced two years ago, according to the British Medical Journal.
“We’re seeing some real changes in the perception of smokers and their quitting behaviour,” says Cancer Institute NSW chief Professor David Currow.

I thought the desired effect was to stop children from taking up smoking? It was all about the kiddies when the idea first came out. Now it's about smokers not liking to look at their cigarette packs?

Score! Although encouraging smokers to transfer their fags into a tin is not much of an objective. And what's this, "Changes in the perception of smokers"? That sounds like part of the plan to turn former non-smokers into anti-smokers; to make smokers look like the evil ones and push us as far out of polite society as they can.

So it's no longer about stopping children smoking. That didn't have a chance of working anyway, with the 'collect all 12', gruesome fag packs.

Now it's just about making adult smokers look like dicks.