Leonard Nimoy

I was considering binning this blog because I've had nowt to say for a long time. I also didn't think I'd be writing anything tonight. I've spent a few hours on the new attic conversion, been to a party for one of Mrs Buckos friends for a couple of hours and then came home to spend the rest of the evening smoking a huge cigar and supping Jim Beam.

But then I hear that Leonard Nimoy has died, so I had to say something.

Being an avid Star Trek fan, I expected the Vulcan to last another hundred years at least. It's difficult for a Trekkie to separate the character from the actor.

Patrick Stewart is well known for saying he doesn't want to just be remembered for Star Trek because he's an accomplished Shakespearian actor. My answer to that is well don't take on the job as Captain of the Enterprise in an iconic TV program.

I've never heard Nimoy say he didn't want to be remembered just for Star Trek, even though he did a lot more stuff, although feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

If I had to say anything about Leonard Nimoy, it would be, "Great actor, terrible singer".

If you don't remember his attempts at song after the original Star Trek, I won't put you through it by linking to the Youtube video :-) He wasn't the only member of the Enterprise crew who tried it, either.

As a Trekkie though, Nimoy was the most memorable character of the crew. He was the only actor in the original pilot episode with Captain Pike in command, that made it through to the actual series.

His character also had an imposing role in the following films and the Next Generation. To coin a very corny and well known Star Trek phrase, "A dream that became a reality and spread throughout the stars".

But I'm just bleating on about what he did in the Trek. A few of them made it past Star Trek and on into other stuff. The bits I remember Nimoy for the most, was Invasion of the Body Snatchers where he played the "I'd like to report a body" man. You know it if you've seen it.

My favourite, post Trek role, was William Bell in Fringe. He played the rogue scientist who invented all kinds of impossible crap and was even a cartoon character for a while.

I had a quick gander at the news reports and the first one I saw put his heart failiure down to decades of smoking. That's fucking annoying because he was 83 years old. But that's not a gripe for tonight.

It's not often I feel any emotion at the death of a celebrity, but tonight I'll light a cigar for leaonard Nimoy

We'll miss you


I've often talked about why me and Mrs Bucko decided not to have kids and why many other people cannot get their heads round that idea.

Having kids often seems to be something people do rather than think about.

These days it sometimes seems the norm to have kids just as a benefits cash cow, but that's probably just the cynic in me.

Anyhoo, just got back from a family do where my mam showed me a newspaper article snippet she had in her purse. It's not my work, it's something she pinched from a paper and I pinched it from her, but I thought it was worth sharing:

Late News

There was shock and outrage last night at the news that a married couple in their thirties had produced a baby.
As the details of the over-aged pregnancy emerged it became clear that the woman had not had the baby by accident and there were no doubts about the identity of the babys father.
The couple are apparently planning to bring the baby up themselves rather than putting it into care or handing it over to the grandparents. In a statement to the press the mother said, "We will definitely be able to cope. My husband has a job, we own a house and I can look after the baby as I don't have to go to school."
The local health authority said yesterday, "This is obviously an extraordinary event and we will be keeping a close eye on the couple to check on their progress."
"It's unconventional but it may work"

Maybe when we chose not to have kids in our mid twenties, we were already too old anyway.

Fly tipping...

...and useless councils.

Mate mate at work told me a good story today.

Some knocker dumped a load of rubbish bags and some carpet in the alley at the end of his back garden. Last week he wrote to the council and told them about it.

Today he got a letter from Pendle council saying pretty much the following:

We take a lot of care to keep the local area clean and tidy yadda yadda..
You have a lot of rubbish dumped at the bottom of your garden yadda yadda
You have fourteen days to clear it or we will prosecute.

He was telling me the story because he was feeling guilty about the sheer anger of his response. I said he didn't need to bother.

He says he's given them seven days to clear it before he dumps the whole lot on the council office doorstep and bills them for it. Being a happy, go lucky guy, he also said he expects to come home to a bunch of Pendle councillors on his doorstep calling him a cunt. After all, that's what we pay council tax for.

I'm thinking of taking a couple of couches up there. Anyone got some rubbish to shift? There's still room in the van.

Happy New Year!

All the best! Ignore the nannies and have a few scoops this evening.

Merry Christmas

Turkey is gone, beer is flowing. Hope you're all having a good one.